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Your company needs more from its accounting firm than financial statements and tax returns. You need a firm that will help you win.

Your next accounting firm should be a strategic partner, whose experience and mission-specific guidance can help you achieve your important business objectives, minimize your tax burden, attract the capital you need in order to grow, and maximize business value.


 The Walker & Armstrong Difference

We do not simply help you comply.
We help you succeed.

Walker & Armstrong was established in 1971 on a simple premise: To help our clients enhance their success and achieve their goals. The importance of delivering uncompromising client service – as you define it – and exceeding your expectations is instilled at all levels of our firm, and it is fundamental to our core values of:

  • integrity

  • accountability

  • positive attitude

  • respect

The “Walker & Armstrong Difference” is evident to the hundreds of business owners with whom we have served as partners in planning and progress.

We Are Easy to Work With. You will appreciate our experience with companies like yours, our consistency in staffing from year to year, and our emphasis on careful planning, hands-on partner involvement and effective communication. Our ability to anticipate the course of your engagement protects you from unwanted surprises and unnecessary disruptions to your routine.

We Honor Our Commitments. We understand the frustration and risk stemming from missed deadlines and broken promises. That is why, at every step in the process, from staffing your engagement and calendaring our target dates to delivering the finished product, our focus is on meeting your expectations for timeliness, accuracy and thoroughness.

We Add Value to Your Company. Every dollar your organization spends on administrative requirements is a dollar diverted from profitability and reinvestment. Maximizing the return on your professional fees is an absolute necessity.

Our four-decade tradition of austerity in managing our firm has consistently yielded savings that benefit our not-for-profit and commercial clients. Our fee structure is competitive with firms of comparable quality; we are faithful to our quoted fees; and we are vigilant in seeking opportunities to add value to our services and to your business.

We Look Out for Your Interests. In addition to offering techni­cal expertise, research tools and other resources that rival the qualities of a national firm, we are alert to emerging regulatory requirements and opportunities for administrative and operational improvements.

Backed by our extensive resources and network of technical experts, we add value to many of our business clients by advising them in areas such as:

  • Sales and property tax reporting

  • Employee benefit plan compliance

  • Risk management

  • Internal controls

  • Company governance and decision-making

  • Staff training

With respect to helping you meet your tax reporting require­ments, our approach is consistent with our overall philosophy of effective planning, communication and quality.

We Help You Fulfill Your Mission. Your relationship with Walker & Armstrong means far more than mere compliance with requirements placed on you by lenders, investors and the government. We carefully tailor our services to your mission, objectives, and service needs, and everything we do for you is shaped by our “big picture” understanding of what you are striving to achieve.

Your next accounting firm should be Walker & Armstrong.

Walker & Armstrong is a leader in providing professional audit, tax and consulting services to companies in major Arizona industries.

To meet your changing needs, we strive to understand and continually monitor the tax, regulatory and economic trends and developments that affect your industry.

Health Care. We have a staff of dedicated individuals who understand the complex, constantly changing requirements and profitability challenges that confront health care providers and administrators. From receiving and allocating federal and state monies to correctly reporting revenue recognition, our staff has the experience and knowledge to guide any health care provider through the maze of analyses and reporting.

Manufacturing. Since our inception, our clientele has included manufacturing companies and accordingly, we have extensive knowledge of cost accounting concepts and can assist our clients with the unique aspects of inventory costing including IRC 263A compliance. Our experience with this industry includes plastic manufacturing, precision machining and metal fabrication, printing and graphic arts, modular homes, agribusiness and technology.

Agriculture. Our experience in the agriculture business includes farming and cattle operations and accordingly, we understand the unique aspects of this industry including cost accounting and unique inventory valuation matters.

Real Estate. Since our inception, we have provided our professional services to the real estate industry. Our experience includes land developers, condominiums, homebuilders, hotels and resorts, associations and clubs, property and asset managers, commercial office and retail.

Construction. Our experience in the construction industry provides us with the ability to understand the unique aspects of your business including job costing and cost revenue recognition matters. We are committed to serving this industry through continued training in matters affecting your business.

Wholesale and Retail. Our staff are dedicated to providing effective and timely accounting and tax compliance services for our wholesale and retail industry clients, including cost analyses and tax planning and compliance.

Professional Service Providers. At Walker & Armstrong, our experienced staff provide professional service providers with access to outstanding resources and hands-on involvement. Attorneys, physicians, consultants, architects, engineers and advertising professionals are examples of professional groups we have served. These professional groups depend on our industry specialists for updated information regarding new legislation and industry trends that directly affect each professional group.

Golf Courses. We have provided audit, review and tax compliance services to this industry for more than a decade. In addition to the accounting and reporting matters that are specific to this industry, we also understand the economic trends and unique areas affecting the industry.

Restaurants. Our professionals have been involved in traditional compliance engagements applicable to restaurants as well as unique engagements specific to the industry. Our experience includes accounting and consulting services including assisting with due diligence matters in connection with the sale of restaurant businesses. In the course of these unique engagements, we have developed an extensive understanding of our client’s point of sales systems, inventory control and asset capitalization considerations and other matters that are specific to the restaurant industry.

Resorts. Walker & Armstrong provides services to the hospitality industry with an expertise in all aspects of a resort business model. From the restaurant operation to the concierge service, we strive to help our clients evaluate the overall impact of strategic decisions in various operations. Our resort specialists work one-on-one with our clients to understand the business and provide individualized service for each client.

Oil and Gas. We have had extensive experience in the oil & gas industry, from the individual investor to the operation and ownership of various wells. Our experienced staff not only has knowledge of financial considerations relating to oil & gas, but also a true understanding of the tax consequences of oil and gas activities.

Essential Services

Tax. We understand the unique tax rules that govern for-profit businesses. In addition to tax preparation services, our tax professionals are available to provide tax advice to closely held companies on matters such as the following:

  • Business formation

  • Entity selection

  • Government agency audits

  • Multi-state tax matters

  • Lease-versus-buy analysis

  • Deferred compensation matters

  • Fringe benefit packages

  • Mergers and acquisitions

Audits, Reviews and Compilations. Walker & Armstrong is a leader in performing quality and timely audits for clients in all major economic sectors. An audit is a review and objective examination of the financial statements, including the verification of specific information as determined by the auditor or as established by general practice. An audit provides the highest level of assurance and is often required by lenders, funding agencies and other stakeholders.

Articles: Internal Control Considerations for Not-for-Profits | Compliance Auditing and Preparation for Single Audit


We perform compilation and review engagements for not-for-profit entities, privately held companies, and county, municipal and tribal governments.

Pre-Audit. By paving the way for your annual audit, an efficient pre-audit facilitates a smoother, quicker, less disruptive and less expensive annual audit. Our valuable “pre-audit” services, which make up the first step in the process of an audit, include project management and staff training in audit preparation.

During a pre-audit, we assist our clients in the preparation of audit schedules and supporting documentation necessary to facilitate a more timely and efficient audit process. We also will prepare financial statements and supporting schedules.

Accounting and Advisory. We provide accounting and consulting services to our non-attest clients, including audit preparation, financial statement preparation, and advising on QuickBooks.

Forensic Accounting and Financial Investigations. Clients have called on Walker & Armstrong to ensure the integrity of their internal controls, investigate suspected fraud or misappropriation of funds, and produce reports on matters of interest to governing bodies, management and funding agencies.